Alice completed!  All she needs is a tiny knife.  I’m much happier with her paint job.  The first draft Alice Cami will go on my Etsy/ebay at some point, in a blonde wig and default Cami outfit.


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Frankenstein and Bride Altered Doll Kewpies


 The Scary Godmother Doll by Jill Thompson — Kickstarter

Who wants a Scary Godmother Doll?You?Then head head over to this Kickstarter right now.

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Catwoman Barbie Doll

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If Furbies and Mogwai were interbred, you might end up with creatures that look like these awesome dolls, created by Moscow-based artist Santani. Ranging from unbearably cute to grotesque (but still strangely cute), the soft-bodied framed dolls are handmade using fabric fur and sculpting materials such as fimo, cernit, sculpey, and sonet.

Visit Santani’s DeviantArt gallery and Vk profile to view many more examples of her wonderful and unsettling creatures. According to her DeviantArt profile, she also has plans to create an online shop to make some of her dolls avilable for purchase. We can’t wait.

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But we’ve already been shown what a Furby/Mogwai crossbreed would look like!

Came out in 2000. Still have mine. :)

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The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Zombie Daughter Penny Blake Action Figure

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The 4 Terrors lol. #ldd #livingdeaddolls #dailypic #dailyphoto #picaday #photooftheday

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These creepy little dolls are cuties! <3

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